Adulting 1.0

Normally I’m pretty good at taking care of myself. BUT when I get ill, I just feel like my world is falling apart. When I used to live with my family, my mom always took care of me and the fact there is someone taking care of me made me immediately feel better.

Guess what. Yes, I’m ill now. Ill and without my mommy. It’s been rough 24 hours. It made me reconsider my whole life and think about being an adult.

What I learned in a year of proper adulting:

  1. Zip up any dress by myself. It takes a lot of patience and a few hours of yoga but I can honestly say I can do it now (or I just wear unzipped dress with a jacket on top to cover it up).
  2. Developing strength to open any jar or can. Or eating pasta without that good tomato sauce that is unfortunately in a mason jar with a lid that was probably glued to it.
  3. Doing the right choices. Like choosing veggies over cheesecake for dinner and paying electricity bills instead of going for a trip to London. Btw I was in London yesterday and it was soo good.
  4. Appreciating your family more than ever. Yeah, I call them really often nowadays and not just when I need money to pay my electricity bills.
  5. Loving yourself. The most important thing I learned while living alone is loving myself because there is no-one who can do it for me. Other people might go but you will always remain. You will be who you are forever and sooner you get that and you start loving yourself the sooner your life will get much better.



What do you think about being an adult? How is it going? What are you struggling with?




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