Pros of being an international student

Yesterday we covered disadvantages of being an international student in the UK, today I am going to tell you about some of many advantages. Obviously, there are many and it’s quite hard to pick just a few of them but I’ll try anyways because no one can be bothered with reading a super long post.

  1. UNDERSTANDING THE MAGIC OF DOING LAUNDRY. I don’t know what about you but back home my clothes once it was used it just magically cleaned itself and reappeared in my closet. (Thanks, mom.) Here, after few days of wearing not matching socks, I decided to learn this magic myself. Now I can proudly say that at age of 20 I finally know how to do the laundry.
  2. LOVING PASTA. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved pasta but now it reached a whole new level. Pasta is just genius food, so simple to make and it just takes a few minutes. And having pasta seven times per week? No problem!
  3. DISCOVERING THE VALUE OF MONEY. Once you live by yourself, you learn to invest your money wisely according to perfectly planned budget. Of course, mistakes can happen, we all sometimes have to sacrifice lunch in order to buy Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream.
  4. LEARNING TO KEEP YOUR ROOM TIDY. Once you don’t have your mom with you to pester you for not keeping your room clean, you come to a point when you hate yourself for the mess you have done and you just clean it (denying that your mom was always right).
  5. BECOMING YOUR OWN MOM. AND DAD. AND FRIENDS. To sum up, after few weeks of living just by yourself you realize that you basically became all the people that you left back home. You do all the cleaning, all the shopping, paying bills and also you become a best friend to yourself because most of the time you are just with yourself.






One thought on “Pros of being an international student

  1. Hi! Sounds very interesting! This summer i begin to study in wien and maxbei i’ll gain some international experiences too :))…thnaks for your post! actually i’m still working in a sporthotel österreich , so i#m really ecited of the life as a student :))…best wishes, Maren


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