How did we get here?

It’s quite hard to summarize all that happened during last year and how it lead us to where we are now. So I am going to put all it in bullet points. But first of all, let me set the scene for you:

Two girls, last year of high school, preparing for A-levels and having a little idea about our own future. And then, we discovered Unilink, company that helps students from Czech republic and Slovakia get accepted to universities in Britain.

  1. We went to one of the Unilink talks about studying in Britain and we felt in love with the idea of us studying in the UK. (That was around November 2015.)
  2. We chose 5 universities that we liked, we wrote the motivation letter and send the application.
  3. The next step was complete IELTS English exams and A-levels with excellent grades. Which was quite hard, considering we were studying at one of the most difficult bilingual (Czech-Spanish) high school, but we did it!
  4. About that time we received a response from all the universities – and guess what? We got accepted to all of them.
  5. Choosing one of the universities was easy because since the very beginning we wanted to come here, to the University of Hertfordshire.
  6. After finishing our final exams and getting the final decision from the university we had four beautiful months of holidays. (We spend them mostly traveling, but about that later.)
  7. And in the middle of September, we said bye to our families and friends and got on the airplane.

Now we successfully finished the first semester and we are excited to see what the second one will bring us.




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