Going on an adventure: Dublin edition

Hi, Avolovers!

Do you ever feel like you need to go somewhere quite far just to keep yourself sane? Well, we felt like this a few months ago, we were kinda exhausted from all the assignments we had to do and we just wanted to get out from uni for a moment. And guess what? Ryanair air was giving away flight tickets just for two pounds. YES, TWO POUNDS.

So, we packed our bags and went to Dublin for two days. The flight was scheduled at 3 am in the morning and we landed in Dublin at 6 am and after one really enormous coffee, we started to explore the city.

We basically managed to see entire city center in just one day (AND IT WAS RAINING THE ENTIRE DAY!). And I have to tell you this, guys, Dublin is so beautiful. Trinity College and the Book of Kells, so amazing, if you haven’t been there, at least go and check it on google!!


The first day was mostly culture-oriented. We have seen museums, Dublin Castle, historic city center and many other things (maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get enough of random beautiful things in the streets such as a nice old house or pretty coffee shops – and believe me, we visited a lot of those during our stay in Dublin).

In the evening, we went to a hostel that we booked and felt asleep immediately, tired of all the walking.

The second day we decided to go to the beach because we were both desperately missing Vitamin Sea. And OMG, it was great! So pretty, I can’t even describe it, just look at the pictures!

Portrane Tower  - coastal view


Even though it was quite cold outside, we were seriously considering dipping our toes in the freezing water. Unfortunately, it started to rain again so we decided to go back to our hostel, take our few things and go to the airport. Before that, we drank our last Dublin-coffee and said goodbye to one of the most beautiful cities we ever visited.






2 thoughts on “Going on an adventure: Dublin edition

  1. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog! Hooray for new bloggers! 🙂

    I love these types of blogs (travel), because in a way it makes me feel like I’m in on the experiences too lol.

    Gorgeous beach pictures & good luck with your semesters!


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