FIRST IMPRESSION: Welcome to Herts!

Do you know that feeling when your dreams come true or the reality exceeds your expectations? That’s exactly how we felt when we came here and saw the campus for the first time. (Doesn’t matter that when we arrived everything on the campus had been closed and in dark. There were just two of us with two big suitcases and completely lost but happy because we made it!)aaeaaqaaaaaaaaggaaaajdc3mmu5mjuxlwiwmzetndfioc04nzk4lty3nmrkmjvhn2jhza

Have you ever had the feeling when you are expecting something bad to happen because you feel like it is too unreal to be so lucky?  Every new experience, every moment and step we took felt so right. First lectures went smoothly, we made first friends and found a supermarket (you know food is important!).

They say that the first impression is always excitement and everything feels right and as time pass by excitement may turn into boredom, missing home, family, friends and you may not feel so happy as you felt initially. We would lie if we said that we don’t miss our families and home, but the excitement and happiness have never disappeared!

Thank god nothing bad has happened to us and the luck is still with us. We couldn’t be more grateful for every moment spent here and for this amazing opportunity to discover world step by step and live our lives how we want to live them. 

Thank you, the University of Hertfordshire for making our dreams come true!

And you, Avolovers, don’t forget to be grateful for every moment in your life and live your life how you want to live it!




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