Where are we now?

Hi, Avolovers!

It has been six months since we arrived in the UK!! What a fascinating time it has been. We came here to study module that you might never hear of before – Event management (and Chinese). Why Chinese? Well, we already speak English, Spanish and Czech and we decided that we want some other language and why not make our life difficult and pick Chinese, right?!

I can honestly say, that the past few months were the best months of my life. It was fun, it was scary, it was hard and I learned so many new things. We went away from our home city (and country), away from families and friend but at least we stayed at the same continent and we have so much to tell you about all of it!!

And why Avolovers? Because we simply love avocados AND THEY ARE SO F*IN CHEAP HERE!!!

Talk to you later

M & K



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